Lessons for Entrepreneurs from Qasim Ali Shah’s Inspiring Journey


Entrepreneurship is often a path less traveled, filled with uncertainties and challenges. In the quest for success, aspiring entrepreneurs can draw inspiration and valuable lessons from those who have walked this path before them. One such beam of inspiration is Qasim Ali Shah, a renowned figure in Pakistan known for his motivational speeches and transformative impact.

Journey of Qasim Ali Shah

Qasim Ali Shah‘s journey is a testament to the power of resilience, determination, and a relentless pursuit of one’s passions. Born on December 25, 1980, in a small town in the Gujarat district of Punjab, Pakistan, he took on a remarkable journey of self-discovery and impact.

After completing his FSC from Government Islamia College in Lahore, Qasim Ali Shah pursued chemical engineering at the University of Engineering & Technology, Lahore. While his academic path was set, his true calling emerged in the world of education and motivation.

Qasim Ali Shah Academy:

At just 18 years old, while still a second-year student, Qasim Ali Shah began teaching. He started by teaching first-year students and eventually established the Qasim Ali Shah Academy in Gulshan Ravi, Lahore. This academy has continued to serve as an educational institution in its area.

However, what set Qasim Ali Shah apart was not just his teaching but also his profound discussions on ethics, character building, time management, mysticism, and religion with his students. These dialogues resonated deeply with his audience, and soon, people from all walks of life began attending his lectures.

Turning Point:

While Qasim Ali Shah initially pursued a career in the Pakistan Administrative Services after passing the CSS exam, his heart was drawn to education and motivation. His lectures on various social issues gained immense popularity, and in 2010, he collaborated with ilmkidunya to record motivational lectures.

The launch of these recorded lectures on ilmkidunya‘s YouTube channel in 2015 marked a turning point in his career.

Well-Known Figure:

Following his newfound success as a motivational speaker, Qasim Ali Shah was invited to deliver motivational talks at various institutions and events, both nationally and internationally. His speeches resonated with audiences, making him a celebrated figure.

The Qasim Ali Shah Foundation:

In 2017, he founded the Qasim Ali Shah Foundation, a non-profit organization with a noble goal: transforming Pakistan by changing people’s thoughts. The foundation’s classrooms, administrative department, and Qasim Ali Shah’s office serve as hubs for this transformational journey.

The foundation’s walls adorned with quotes, books, and profiles of influential personalities signify its commitment to altering mindsets. As Qasim Ali Shah believes, changing thinking is the key to changing Pakistan.

Versatile Career:

While Qasim Ali Shah initially pursued a career in the Pakistan Administrative Services, his passion for motivational speaking led him in a different direction. Today, he is known as one of Pakistan’s top motivational speakers. He has also served in various roles, including providing instruction to High Court staff at the Punjab Judicial Institute.

Social Engagement:

Qasim Ali Shah is not only an educator and motivational speaker but also a social influencer. He uses social media platforms to share his knowledge and insights, with millions of followers on Facebook and YouTube. His programs, including “Manzil ka Musafir” on Radio FM 98.6, connect with the younger generation and inspire positive change.

Digital Presence and Authorship:

In today’s digital age, Qasim Ali Shah‘s influence extends to social media. His Facebook page boasts over 3.4 million followers, while his YouTube channel has over 3.2 million subscribers. His videos cover a range of topics, aiming to reshape society’s mindset.

Qasim Ali Shah is also an accomplished author, having penned numerous books on success and self-discovery. Some of his well-known works include “Bari Manzil ka Musaafir,” “Kamyabi Ka Paigham,” and “365 Aqwaal-E-Khud Shanasi.”

Lessons for Entrepreneurs:

Qasim Ali Shah’s journey offers a trove of lessons for aspiring entrepreneurs:

  1. Follow Your Passion: Qasim Ali Shah’s transition from a conventional career to one aligned with his passions underscores the importance of pursuing what truly inspires you.
  2. Resilience is Key: His journey is a testament to resilience, showcasing the ability to persevere through challenges and emerge stronger.
  3. Effective Communication: Qasim Ali Shah‘s gift for communication underscores the importance of conveying your ideas effectively in the entrepreneurial world.
  4. Leverage Technology: His digital presence demonstrates the power of leveraging technology to reach and influence a broad audience.


Qasim Ali Shah‘s journey, from a small town in Punjab to becoming a renowned motivational speaker, author, and educator, highlights the importance of knowledge, determination, and a commitment to self-improvement. His influence on society, particularly on the younger generation, continues to inspire and change lives. Through his books, speeches, and the Qasim Ali Shah Foundation, he remains dedicated to the mission of reshaping mindsets and contributing to a brighter future for Pakistan.

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