A Shining Day at Tohoku University, Japan!

Allow me to reminisce about a cherished memory from my past—a memory that takes me back to June 16, 2017, when I was a Ph.D. student at Tohoku University’s Faculty of Economics and Management.

On that remarkable day, the sun bestowed its radiant warmth upon us, painting the sky with an endless canvas of vivid blue. It was a day that encapsulated the essence of my student life, a day where the promise of knowledge and the pursuit of academic excellence filled the air.

As a student at Tohoku University’s esteemed Faculty of Economics and Management, I had the privilege of being part of a vibrant academic community, where intellectual exploration and personal growth were our daily companions.

What made this day truly extraordinary was the collective enthusiasm of my fellow students and faculty members. It was a day when the corridors echoed with the exchange of ideas, the excitement of new academic challenges, and the camaraderie born from shared intellectual pursuits.

The friendships forged in those halls, the knowledge gained, and the sense of purpose instilled in us during that time continue to shape my life and influence my endeavors.

June 16, 2017, stands as a testament to the enduring power of education and the indelible mark that institutions like Tohoku University leave on the lives of their students. It is a day that inspires me in my professional pursuits and reaffirms my commitment to the pursuit of knowledge, innovation, and the betterment of our global community.

In closing, I extend my heartfelt gratitude to Tohoku University, the Faculty of Economics and Management, and all those who shared in this remarkable journey. May the lessons learned on that shining day continue to guide us toward a future of growth, enlightenment, and positive impact.

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Hi, I’m Dr. Tayyab Qazi

Dr. Tayyab Qazi with his Ph.D. (Japan), MBA (Pak), COM (Malaysia), is a Leadership Coach, Entrepreneurship Mentor, Tech Solutions Consultant, Business Doctor & Professor.

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