Dr. Tayyab Qazi Explores Industry-Academia Collaboration

Meeting with Mr. Omer Farooq of The University of Faisalabad Focuses on Seminars and Internship Placements in IT & Data Science

Faisalabad, Pakistan, – In today’s AI-dominated technological landscape, equipping and empowering youth with emerging technology skills takes precedence. Dr. Tayyab Qazi, Director of Karobar Klinik Pvt. Ltd., a prominent Software Solutions and Business Management Company, took a significant step forward by holding a productive meeting with Mr. Omer Farooq, Head of the Placement Bureau at The University of Faisalabad.

This meeting,

which highlights the critical role of strengthening the relationship between academia and industry in the fast-evolving field of data science and AI technologies, focused on exploring collaborative opportunities that would benefit both students and the technology sector.

Dr. Tayyab Qazi,

renowned for his visionary leadership and commitment to grooming future talent, emphasized the pressing need to equip recent graduates with practical knowledge and skills in emerging technologies. He stressed, “In today’s competitive job market, it’s imperative that our youth are well-prepared to meet the demands of tech-driven industries. An industry-academia partnership can play a pivotal role in achieving this.”

Mr. Omer Farooq,

Head of the Placement Bureau at The University of Faisalabad, echoed this sentiment and underscored the importance of providing students with real-world exposure. “Our collaboration with Karobar Klinik opens up exciting opportunities for our students to gain hands-on experience in data science and AI. It’s a win-win situation for both academia and industry,” he noted.

During the meeting,

Dr. Tayyab Qazi and Mr. Omer Farooq discussed the possibility of jointly organizing seminars and workshops centered on emerging technologies. These events would serve as platforms for students to engage with industry experts, broaden their knowledge, and gain insights into the latest trends and challenges in the tech sector.


the two leaders explored the idea of offering internship placements to fresh graduates within Karobar Klinik &, where they could work on real projects and apply their theoretical knowledge to practical scenarios. Such internships not only provide invaluable industry experience but also enhance students’ employability.

As the world continues its rapid progression into the digital age, collaborations like the one discussed between Dr. Tayyab Qazi and Mr. Omer Farooq signify a commitment to preparing youth for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. By nurturing talent and fostering industry-academia partnerships, these efforts aim to empower the next generation of professionals with the skills needed to excel in the AI-driven technological landscape.

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