Meeting Between Dr. Tayyab Qazi and Dr. Shahnaz Khan

Dr. Tayyab Qazi (DTQ): Shahnaz, it’s fantastic to have you here for this conversation.

Let’s dive straight into it. What drove you to become a founding member and Vice Chairman of Barabri Party Pakistan?

Dr. Shahnaz Khan (DSK): Tayyab, great to be here. Well, it’s all about principles, isn’t it? Barabri Party Pakistan aligns with my core belief in equality and empowerment. I’ve seen the impact of social inequality firsthand, and I believe it’s time for a change, a change led by people who genuinely understand the struggles of the middle and working class.

DTQ: Absolutely. It’s inspiring to witness a party driven by such principles. Tell me, how do you envision Barabri Party shaping the future of Pakistani politics?

DSK: Barabri Party Pakistan is not just another political entity; it’s a movement for change. Our focus is on creating a political landscape that prioritizes the well-being of the majority. We aim to shift the narrative, placing issues affecting the common people at the forefront.

DTQ: A refreshing approach indeed. Now, let’s touch upon a topic that always sparks interest ā€“ civil-military relations in Pakistan. How do you see Barabri Party contributing to fostering a healthy relationship between the civilian government and the military?

DSK: Civil-military relations are crucial for stability. Barabri Party Pakistan emphasizes the importance of a democratic state where the military’s role is defined within constitutional bounds. We advocate for transparency, cooperation, and a balance that ensures the military serves the nation’s interests without overshadowing the civilian government.

DTQ: Well said. Striking that balance is key. Shifting gears a bit, how do you see the youth contributing to the party’s vision?

DSK: The youth are the heartbeat of change. Barabri Party Pakistan recognizes this and aims to provide a platform for the youth to actively participate in shaping their future. We’re investing in programs that encourage critical thinking, sociopolitical awareness, and leadership development.

DTQ: Fantastic approach, Shahnaz. Now, as we wrap up, could you share a glimpse of the challenges Barabri Party might face on this transformative journey?

DSK: Change is never easy, especially when challenging the status quo. Barabri Party Pakistan anticipates resistance from established forces, but we are resilient. The challenge lies in effectively communicating our message, overcoming skepticism, and demonstrating that our vision is not just aspirational but achievable.

DTQ: Admirable determination. Shahnaz, thank you for sharing these insights into Barabri Party Pakistan’s vision and your thoughts on the broader political landscape. It’s been a pleasure.

DSK: Likewise, Tayyab. Let’s hope for a future where Barabri Party Pakistan’s vision becomes a reality, paving the way for a more equitable and just Pakistan.

As the conversation continues, the room becomes a theater of intellectual exchange. Dr. Tayyab Qazi, a seasoned Business Consultant with a Ph.D. in Business Studies, brings a wealth of knowledge and strategic insights to the discussion.

DTQ: Shahnaz, let’s delve a bit deeper into the core of Barabri Party Pakistan. How does the party plan to engage with the diverse communities and provinces within Pakistan?

DSK: Excellent question, Tayyab. Barabri Party Pakistan is committed to inclusivity. We recognize the diversity of our nation, and our strategies are tailored to resonate with the unique challenges and aspirations of each province. Our aim is not just representation but active participation and contribution from every corner of Pakistan.

DTQ: Inclusivity is undoubtedly crucial for a comprehensive vision. Now, as someone deeply involved in the healthcare sector, how does Barabri Party plan to address issues related to health and well-being?

DSK: Health is a fundamental right, and it forms a cornerstone of Barabri Party’s agenda. We envision a healthcare system that is accessible to all, irrespective of their socio-economic status. This involves not only addressing immediate health concerns but also implementing preventive measures and promoting overall well-being.

DTQ: That’s a holistic approach. Shahnaz, you’re actively involved in educational institutions. How does Barabri Party plan to reshape the educational landscape of Pakistan?

DSK: Education is the key to empowerment. Barabri Party Pakistan recognizes the need for a robust and inclusive educational system. Our vision includes reforms that address curriculum gaps, promote critical thinking, and ensure equal opportunities for quality education. It’s about preparing the youth not just academically but also as responsible and aware citizens.

DTQ: A transformative vision for education. Now, let’s touch upon a topic often at the heart of political discourse ā€“ economic policies. How does Barabri Party plan to navigate economic challenges and promote sustainable development?

DSK: Economic policies are central to Barabri Party’s vision. We advocate for an economic structure that creates a level playing field, ensuring fair distribution of resources. Our focus is on fostering entrepreneurship, supporting small and medium enterprises, and creating an environment that encourages innovation and economic growth.

DTQ: An ambitious yet essential economic agenda. Shifting gears slightly, Shahnaz, you’ve been an advocate for the welfare of children through your non-profit organization, shirinie.org. How does Barabri Party address issues related to child welfare and protection?

DSK: Children are our future, and their well-being is a collective responsibility. Barabri Party Pakistan places a high priority on child welfare. We aim to implement policies that ensure not only their physical safety but also provide an environment conducive to their overall growth and development. This involves collaborative efforts with NGOs, communities, and government bodies.

DTQ: A commendable commitment to the future generation. Shahnaz, as we near the end of our conversation, can you share your perspective on the role of technology in Barabri Party’s vision for a progressive Pakistan?

DSK: Technology is a powerful tool for progress. Barabri Party Pakistan recognizes the transformative potential of technology in various sectors, from governance to education and healthcare. Our vision includes leveraging technology to enhance efficiency, transparency, and accessibility, ensuring that the benefits reach every citizen.

DTQ: A forward-looking stance on technology. Shahnaz, thank you for providing such detailed insights into Barabri Party Pakistan’s multifaceted vision. It’s evident that the party’s agenda encompasses a comprehensive approach to the challenges and opportunities facing Pakistan.

DSK: Thank you, Tayyab. It’s been a pleasure discussing these crucial aspects. Let’s hope for a future where Barabri Party Pakistan’s vision becomes a reality, transforming the nation into a more equitable, just, and prosperous society.

The conversation ends with a sense of optimism, leaving behind a rich tapestry of ideas and aspirations for the future of Pakistan under the visionary leadership of Barabri Party Pakistan.

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